Cassette Type

Compact 4-Way Cassette

Compact Design
Panel sizes are unified to a 650mm square, neat and elegant, and fit small ceiling panels making installation easier in grid type ceilings. The compact cassettes are supplied with Infra-red remotes as standard. The cassettes range from a 2.2Kw – 5Kw.

Filter Clean Alarm
"FILTER" will be shown on the display of any remote control switch after approximately 1200 hours operation to assist with keeping the filter and air clean.

4-Way Cassette Type

Compact and Thin
The height of the unit is just 248mm (less than 24.2KBtu/h). So it can be installed in a small space inside a ceiling.

Large Range
The 4-Way Cassettes are offered in a 2.2Kw to 16Kw. Fitted with a high stream turbo fan the units are extremely quiet. Input power is reduced due to the DC fan motors installed in the cassette units. The panels are unified in size therefore offering an attractive finish no matter what size indoor is installed.

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