Why Choose HisenseVRF

High Technology and Outstanding Performance

Based on high technology and manufacturing ability, Hisense has been developing rapidly these years. And Hisense has gained great reputation in the commercial air conditioning field. Hisense adopts strict quality control standard during the manufacturing and test process, ensuring best quality of products. Hisense VRF's outstanding operation performance and system reliability ensures low running cost over its entire service time.

Comprehensive Product Line-up

Hisense VRF provides a comprehensive product line-up including air cooled outdoor unit, water cooled outdoor unit, meeting different application conditions. And Hisense also provides many types of indoor units with more than 100 models, you can choose the suitable indoor unit according to the practical situation and decoration style, creating personalized living and working space.

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Modular Combination Design Gives Greater Flexibility

Hisense VRF's modular combination design provides a greater flexibility to balance heat loads in different parts of the building. And the double backup function ensures the system has certain output when malfunctions occurred in one modular of the combined system. In contrast, a chiller unit runs the whole system, which requires an expensive backup unit to avoid complete stop. So if it fails, the total system will stop working. VRF products also offer extended piping length so that the system can be designed flexibly to satisfy buildings with different sizes and structures

Higher Space Efficiency

VRF system is much more space efficient than a chiller unit, because it doesn't require special operation room and much less floor space is needed. It is estimated by authority that a 2 or 4 pipe fan coil system could take up around 7% of the overall lettable floor area of the building, while a comparable VRF building would take up between 3-5%. This means that Hisense VRF allows developers to maximise the rental space. Hisense also have outdoor units with different structures to meet different installation spaces, which greatly improve the installation flexibility. The most flexible and efficient use of space will be really helpful to win more projects in this highly competitive market.

Easier Transportation and Installation

The compact and light weight design make Hisense VRF much easier to be transported and installed. The outer dimension of the largest base modular is 1.720x1.210x750mm with a floor area of 0.92 and a weight of 318kg, so the outdoor units can be transported separately by the elevator, which improves the installation efficiency dramatically and lower the installation cost.

Intelligent Control System

Industry-leading inverter control technique is adopted in Hisense VRF products, so the control accuracy and reliability of the inverter are greatly improved. There are multiple thermal sensors in the system, which will make real-time detection and feedback, so the temperature will be precisely controlled. Hisense VRF products are compatible to BMS and smart home control system, which makes it much more easier to realize central control and monitoring. Air conditioning electric charge allocation system help the building owners and users to monitor the energy consumption and better expense control. There are various intelligent controllers for selection, realizing more intelligent and convenient control. Hisense's production base is located in Hisense Information Industrial Park in Qingdao Economic Development Zone with a total area of about 80.000 square meters. The annual output is more than 1.1 million units. Hisense possesses state-level technology centre. With the discipline of "Technology Oriented", the research development group has been dedicating itself to improvement of product features and new technologies, by developing and growing stronger constantly, the superb manufacturing process and technical level making Hisense at top level in the industry all the time.

Computer Simulation development --- the Most Advanced and Energy Saving Development Mode

In Hisense, the most advanced computer simulation is applied to all the new products. From the original design, modelling to the later-stage performance test and any other necessity till the final product is formed. the development mode not only accelerate the developing process, but also can reduce plenty energy consumption during the development stage.

Excellence-led Manufacture Mode --- Efficiency and Energy Saving

To realize the smooth assembling and zero-stock of spare, Hisense conducts the excellence-led manufacture mode to guarantee the high quality, high efficiency as well as low energy consumption. Make real low-carbon product.

Strict Quality Control and Component Test --- High Quality, High Efficiency and Low Energy Consumption

Hisense applies full range of Japan imported inspection facility aided by extremely strict quality and standard to guarantee the reliable quality of every single component of any machine and offer the end users a green life with superior quality

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