• commercial air conditioning


The Hisense VRF offices provide the supply of this equipment as well as: Pipe schematic design, Site Commissioning, Technical back up, Spares back up and Technical training.

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24/7 Support

We strive to have a technician on call 24/7 should there be breakdown after hours. Contact the following numbers for assistance.

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The Hisense VRF offices are continually striving to improve and develop cutting edge affordable systems. The units are currently using R410a gas (Ozone compliant) along with Inverter compressors for energy saving.

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Hisense VRF is a Leader in the Supply of Quality Heating and Cooling Air-conditioning Solutions

It supplies industrial Air-conditioning units to all markets within the South African and African region and our VRF units are backed with world class service.

Hisense area managers are skilled in assisting in finding the perfect and most cost effective solution to all your air-conditioning needs. Through schematic design we can assist in all VRF applications making sure the correct indoors and selected for the required indoor décor. The indoors are adaptable for all scenarios and suitable for retro-fitting existing structures.

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